Standard Web Hosting: Self Reliant.

$9.99 USD/mo

5 GB Disk Space
10 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
5 MySQL Databases
1 Parked Domain Allowed.

Great starter package for your new brochure website.

Business Web Hosting: Web Team.

$29.99 USD/mo

10 GB Disk Space
15 GB Bandwidth,
50 E-mail Accounts
10 MySQL Databases
3 Parked Domains Allowed.

Perfect for small businesses who need a little more space for images and video.

12 month package - Get One Month Free.

Advanced Web Hosting: Mini-IT.

$49.99 USD/mo

35 GB Disk Space
65 GB Bandwidth,
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Parked Domains

Advanced shared hosting package gives you enough power to run a web store.

12 Month Package, Get One Month Free.

E-Commerce - PCI Compliant Hosting

$49.99 USD/mo
$35.99 Setup Fee

7.5 GB Storage
40 GB Bandwidth
Credit Data Protection with Secure Isolated Platform
PHP Hardening
1 Dedicated IP Address
Trustwave Scanning
Does NOT include SSL Certificate

Specially secure server with PCI Compliant specific parameters for E-commerce driven websites