PCI Compliant E-mail Set-up

To set up e-mail boxes on a client for a PCI compliant server we will set up a POP3 account using Outlook 2010.  Keep in mind that the same settings for an e-mail account should work for Outlook Express, Outlook 2003, 2007, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Microsoft Entourage for Mac.


Click File->Account Settings

Add New Account

Manually Add or Configure Your Account.  Create a POP Account.

Enter your name, e-mail address and now let's configure the server:

You will enter the outgoing and incoming mail server as the host name of the server, NOT your domain name (e.g. mail.mydomain.com).

This is because we are using a SSL certificate for the root domain that will be sending your mail.  This will not effect what recipients see.

Incoming Mail Server: sipr-07.nexcess.net

Outgoing Mail Server: sipr-07.nexcess.net

Some clients will list these as "Host Name" rather than "Server."

Your username is always the e-mail address on the account (e.g. [email protected]).  Enter your password.

Click on "More Settings".  Go to the "Advanced Tab".  Click the box that says, "This server requires an encrypted connection"  Your Port Number for Incoming Mail (POP3) should be 995

For the Outgoing Server Settings (SMTP) you should set your port number to 587, also Make Sure to set your Encryption Type to "TLS"

Outgoing DOES NOT require "Server Authentication".

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